The Bleep Test – CD & MP3 Download

The Bleep Test (also know as; The Beep Test, The Multistage Fitness Test and Shuttle Run Test) is a fitness tool designed to measure your VO2 Max. It is used by several national services such as the Army, RAF, Police Force, and Fire Service to help select candidates during the application process. Many sports organisations, personal trainers and individuals also use the bleep test to test fitness levels on a regular basis.

A copy of the official 2016 bleep test is available from this website in either CD format or as an instant MP3 download.

What we provide

  • The 15m bleep test (as used by the Police, HM Prison Service, etc).
  • The 20m bleep test (as used by the Army, RAF, Fire Service, Royal Marines etc).
  • The press-up and sit-up bleep tests.
  • Quick help and advice from our support team.

Our Bleep Test products

We supply a copy of 2016 The Bleep Test through our online shop in both CD and MP3 formats. This includes the 15m, 20m, press-up and sit-up bleep tests.

What is involved with taking the bleep test?

The test involves running back and forth between two set points, either 15 or 20 metres apart, in time with the ‘bleeps’. The time between each bleep gets shorter as the test reaches a new level. Your score is determined by the last level you reach before you can no longer cover the distance.

What do you need to do a bleep test?

Along with our CD or MP3 download you will need: A CD player (or MP3 player), a tape measure (to measure the 15m or 20m distance) and something to mark the distance with (cones, flags, etc).